Why I’m Running

Why I’m Running

Georgia needs leadership that is focused on serving Georgians.

My public service is rooted in my family’s history of community service. From my mother and her dedication to being a beacon of hope in the community that raised me to my father, Leon Hall, who worked directly for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to my own time on the school board, city council and then in Congress, my life has been about purposeful service that pushed against the grain and fights for what is right. Service is what we do and I have inherited a legacy of leadership.
Georgia is at a crossroads. Far too many Georgians are struggling while elected officials like Burt Jones and Butch Miller are busy serving a former president and pushing the Big Lie. I was in DC during the period when Trump was trying to steal the election. I was in Congress fighting for the people back home while Donald Trump was pressuring our civil servants here in Georgia to change the outcome. I watched it unfold in the days leading up to the Insurrection. I was gone by January 6th but I saw the build up. It was scary then and it is scary now. We have to stop the madness and put the real issues first.
I am running to protect our teachers and education. The Republicans are ok with images of Congressman Lewis dancing to Happy, but they don’t want us to remember a battered and bruised John Lewis on Bloody Sunday. They are ok with the King Day celebrations on Peachtree, but want us to forget the assassination in Memphis and the jailing in Birmingham and right here in DeKalb County. They are attacking our history and calling it Critical Race Theory. Our educators, at all levels, must be safe to do what they do without pressure from politicians who are using our children as stepstools for their own ambitions. Our children deserve better than what Miller and Jones are offering.
I am running to help Georgians live. That means living a financially secure life by having the skills and training to work in the traditional or the new economy. That means being able to literally live because we are going to reopen medical facilities in areas that have closed. I had COVID in the early days and was fortunate to survive it. Over a million Americans and thousands of Georgians did not. Other issues that plague Georgians like heart disease and diabetes require access to medical care that Georgians simply do not have because of electeds like Jones and Miller who refuse to expand Medicaid. Helping Georgians live also means working to protect our beautiful parks, ensure clean water and air.

It's time for Georgia’s elected officials to put Georgians first. As Lieutenant Governor, I will put people first.

It’s time to end the culture wars and time to make sure that all of Georgia, from border to coast, from the south to the north, has the economy to support keeping our best and brightest here, affordable housing so we can raise our families in our community of choice and better infrastructure to move us from place to place.
It’s time for “A better Georgia for all of Georgia.”


Kwanza Hall is a former U.S. Congressman representing District 5, the seat previously served by the late John Lewis. He also served in elected positions on the Atlanta City Council and the Atlanta Board of Education for a total of 15 years.

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